coming fall 2021

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Pay It Forward


Want to give back? Service is a currency in Oana

Oana provides a positive path, for people and things, by empowering every individual to contribute something of value to their personal network by paying forward preloved possessions and intentional acts of kindness.

Give with Oana

  • See what’s needed in your network and help where you can lend a hand
  • Give new life to preloved possessions you’re ready to let go of
  • Share your time and talents by offering services to others
  • Double-down on your good deeds by selecting the Pay It Forward option on your listings

Receive with Oana

  • Replenish yourself after all that giving by graciously accepting an act of kindness
  • Browse free items and giveaways and enjoy friends and family prices on goods and services
  • Find and make deals on vintage and preloved products
  • Let others know what you need with a simple listing

Oana is Coming Fall 2021

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